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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

#MondayMentors: Week in my life (fashion career, podcasting and life)

#MondayMentors: Week in my life (fashion career, podcasting and life)

Photo: My Monday outfit that I pulled together whilst half-asleep. Seriously — what am I wearing? hahahah

#MondayMentors: Week in my life (fashion career, podcasting and life)

Recently, @pepperyourtalk, asked me how I fit so much into my weeks. So, I decided to go through the self-indulgent (or mindfulness-building, depending on your perspective), task of documenting a ‘week in my life’ as a fashion podcaster / email marketer / type-A. I hope some of you find this vaguely interesting. Sometimes, it’s important to reflect on how much you’ve accomplished in a week — who said you can’t be your own fashion career #mondaymentor?


6:30 am - I wake up and get ready for work. Although I don’t start till 9:30am, I like to take my time in the mornings. PLUS the Central Line only gets more chaotic the later I leave my house. Before I leave, I usually, sit at my personal laptop, send a few important emails, drink tea and blindly put together an outfit (see picture above — literally no clue what I’m wearing lol).

*I usually read a book on the tube. Currently, I’m reading this book all about stocks.

9am - I get into the office, which allows enough time for me to make an instant coffee, put some vitamin C into my water and share an Instagram on @fashionoriginatorspodcast about my latest #mondaymentors post.

10am - 1pm - I’m working away (I work in email marketing), sending emails and push notifications for the middle east, Americas and International. My co-worker and I alternate on data reporting duties, and this week I don’t have to do it :) !

1pm - LUNCH! As a person with a day-job and a ‘side hustle’ (although the word hustle itself does make me cringe slightly), I probably need to chill a little more during lunch. On this day, I went to the grocery store near my work and had this weird couscous thing (healthy and cheap). I have a goal of reading two BoF articles a day, so I grab my laptop, go to a different part of the office (anything to get away from the desk). I think on this day I read some article about Diet Prada and whether or not it’s toxic / unhelpful. I screenshot it to post tomorrow morning — I love asking people on IG about what they think, as people who comment on my posts are always super insightful.

2pm - 6pm - thankfully, I am WAY ahead. I have proof sent most of the week’s emails to my boss, and have since started fixing an old Excel document that was a bit of a mess. I get some dark chocolate and coffee mid-day because Excel requires additional energy.

7:30pm - There’s an amazing weights class at my gym. I usually don’t get home till around 7 (the joys of a London commute), so I grab an apple at home, change and make it to the class at 7:30. Afterwards, I use the sauna, shower and send a bunch of emails. If I do the latter things at home, I know that I will just pass out and fall asleep (and in turn never get them done).

9pm - I finally have a proper dinner. I’m a simple cook, so I make some green soup with spinach and steamed broccoli. I heat some almond milk and pour in a boatload of turmeric, watch one episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a HauteleMode video, then finally sleep around 11:30pm.


Reformer pilates at 7am - It’s always a bit of a mad-dash after this class, but the teacher makes it worth it. It’s one of the hardest classes at the studio, and nothing makes me happier than progressing week on week.

9:30am - arrive just in time, make my coffee, post a fashion news article on Instagram, then slide back into the usual routine.

1pm - My friend Yin comes to my work for lunch. We meet for an hour, and I update her on exciting podcast developments, and she tells me about her startup and THE BEST bubble tea place near my house that I’ve never heard of. Although I love that most of my friends are also into fashion, it’s nice to talk to others whose work has nothing to do with it. It’s a nice break and gives me a broader perspective. Yin’s a total boss, basically.

2pm - nothing really out of the ordinary. I built my first email all in Arabic today which was a moment for me lol.

7:30pm - I’m part of a social club where we meet at each other’s houses every other week for wine, cheese, tea etc. One of the members is in east London (near me), so I walk to her house after making a quick dinner at home. It was honestly so lovely — but I didn’t get home till quite late. Brie, wine and great conversation are essential for the soul.


6:30am - wake up. Reread over my lecture notes (since I’ll be giving a lecture to third year LCF students during my lunchbreak). I Instagram story on the way to work with my thoughts on my latest post.

1:00-1:30 - Gave my lecture, which went super well. Only one girl was texting, which is apparently a record. I pre-bought a lunch before work, so I managed to eat it quickly in 10 mins before running back to my desk.

6:30pm - I head straight from work to a Business of Fashion event at Soho House White City with my friend Chloe. I ate some Pret soup beforehand, but I was still STARVING as I listened to Stephanie Phair talk about female leadership in fashion. It was inspiring nonetheless. After I make dinner at home, I send a moodboard to @findyourintern who is designing my YouTube channel banner — I have a call with her tomorrow so this is a must-get-done.


Reformer pilates at 7am - same as Tuesday pretty much. Just managed to get into work at 9:30 despite how savagely crowded the Central Line always is.

1:30 - call with @findyourintern where we discussed my YouTube channel - I’m so excited about it! After our chat, I ate the lunch I bought that morning, bought my tickets to Field Day music festival, and read a couple articles on Vogue Business. Loving their content so far.

6:30pm - I had a bookclub meeting, but I had cancelled the day previous since I hadn’t finished the 500-page book. Instead, I uploaded my podcast with Patrick McDowell, answered a few emails I hadn’t had time to respond to (properly). I went to the gym in a bit of a daze, then went home, called my mom and sister, who are both living in the USA right now.


8am - went into camera repair shop before work, since my SLR is broken and incapable of filming any content.

1pm - I allowed myself to chill. I treated myself to some sushi and did a little reading (and Instagramming … naturally). Emailed a Canadian I really want to interview when I’m in Toronto next week — fingers crossed!

3pm - this time of day is always insane for people in email marketing. We schedule all the weekend’s emails and push notifications. Since it’s my colleague’s last day at work, we sent her a push notification saying goodbye (maternity leave) and she found it thoroughly amusing.

6pm - Went home and made a light dinner. Bookmarked a few ‘no bake baking’ recipes on my computer and watched an episode of Frankie & Gracie. It’s nice to be home after such a hectic week!

8pm - Headed over to my latest podcast guest, Patrick McDowell’s, for some drinks. I met a bunch of his friends who were SO lovely, and even ran into Sara Arnold of Higher Studio who introduced us. Ended up staying till 1:30am — it’s a real treat to stay up late, as I don’t have the time to do it that often :) .

That’s it for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this little window into a week in my life! I’d love to know — what does your week look like? Share with me on Instagram @fashionoriginatorspodcast. In the meantime, be sure to check out my latest episode with CSM graduate Patrick McDowell below:

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