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#FashionOGnews: wearable vibrators, short wedding dresses and the end of Roberto Cavalli?

#FashionOGnews: wearable vibrators, short wedding dresses and the end of Roberto Cavalli?

Photo: Crave’s ‘wearable vibrator’

On this week’s #FashionOGnews, I dug up some really cool stories! Whether you’re on the hunt for a vibrator necklace, or are wondering if you should expand your brand into China, #fashionOGnews has ALL the answers for you. P.S: there’s a podcast version of this blog post, where I go a lot more in-depth. It can be found at the bottom of this post!

Vibrator necklaces???

According to, there are a TON of new brands making ‘wearable’ sex toys with a ‘high design quotient.’ In creating these products, companies hope to take the stigma away from purchasing such items.

One of the brands, Crave, was started by industrial designer Ti Chang. She created a vibrator necklace that just appears to be an elegant, slim column necklace. When asked about the purpose of her brand, Chang explained that, ‘guilt and shame are too often part of the experience of pleasure for women’ and that ‘there’s no reason why a vibrator shouldn’t be as well designed as a camera or a cellphone.

Menswear stole the show at Seoul Fashion Week

Menswear designer Moho greatly impressed Vogue UK at Seoul Fashion Week, Vogue deeming him a mixture between Craig Green and Rick Owens, yet somehow ‘not derivative.’ The highlights? Bubble wrap cargo suits (with a hood that completely covers the face), mohair utility uniforms and furry snoods. For more great images, @dazedkorea is a great resource.

Another designer, The Greatest (yes, that’s the actual name), featured pieces with collage prints and airport stickers, patchworked together in monochrome looks.

UK brands (like Roksanda) battling for Chinese $$$

British designer Roksanda Ilincic took part in Shanghai Fashion Week. Explaining that her Chinese customers love pieces that are ‘vibrant, sculptural yet feminine’, it makes sense that she aims to cater to those who conveniently admire her entire brand ethos.

Although Shanghai isn’t a fashion capital like New York or Milan, the growth-potential and spending power are undeniable -- even in Asia people often skip Tokyo fashion week for Shanghai.

It’s not just Roksanda pioneering this UK to Shanghai fashion week enthusiasm -- the British Fashion Council are helping UK designers negotiate contracts and get their foot in the door. Infact, BFC are even hosting a ‘trade showcase’ lead by Roksanda and Peter Pilotto.

Short wedding dresses are all the rage for 2019

According to the Evening Standard, the ‘short wedding dress’ will be all the rage this summer. According to Pinterest, short / midi / over-the-knee wedding dresses are become distinctly more popular in the UK, France and Germany.

On the Spring 2019 runways, this aesthetic was available through designers like Molly Goddard, Givenchy and Simone Rocha.


Caroline Hu wins BoF China Prize

Last friday night, Caroline Hu won the first ever BoF China prize: $100,000, a slot at London Fashion Week and BoF network mentorship.

The best way to describe Hu’s aesthetic is ‘thoughtful and feminine.’ Her dresses take roughly six days to make each, and are a compilation of silk, tulle and florals. While this may sound similar to Molly Goddard, it’s actually very different -- it’s more deconstructed. Some of the dresses, are even torn away at the stomach as if they’re falling apart. Personally, I’m a fan.

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