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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

#MondayMentors: Quentin Jones, Fashion collage artist and creative

#MondayMentors: Quentin Jones, Fashion collage artist and creative

Last Saturday, I had the joy of attending Freize Academy’s ‘Social Media for Art & Fashion’ workshop in Marylebone. On the lineup of speakers, I particularly wanted to hear from Quentin Jones – a name I knew through being a Dazed, i-D, AnOther Magazine reader for several years.

While I knew she was a contributor, and a fashion collage genius (she inspired my new podcast art, after all), I didn’t really know much about her background as a creative.  

Doing a lot of free work in her early days at Central Saint Martins, Quentin’s big break was doing a short film for AnOther magazine on Chanel nail polish colours. Ever since, she went on to work with Chanel directly, Louis Vuitton, i-D magazine, and, most recently, shooting the cover of Elle UK featuring Florence Welch (you can still buy it).

Although her CV is awe-inspiring, what inspires me about Quentin is so much more than that. She has a profound way of taking cultural moments and brands, reinterpreting them, all without losing her signature style. Her art has a hand-drawn, hand-made quality that I (and many others) crave in the digital age (even when she designs digitally).

While she has a team behind her, Quentin is multi-talented and open to experimenting. She has an aesthetic, but she recognizes the importance of evolving with the world as things move at such a frenetic pace. She combines technical skill with enviable arts & culture knowledge, she combines her own hand-drawn aesthetic with the values of cultural brands.

Essentially, she has something I think most people are trying to craft for their own career – an ability to build a credible brand, pivot, and tailor your work to commercial projects without losing your touch. In fact, being able to create an aesthetic ‘touch’ that people pay big $$$ to enjoy.

PLUS she’s a mother and I think that’s incredible. Fashion innovators aren’t just coders in grey teeshirts, or old ladies who yell at unpaid interns. They can also be strong women with many talents and adorable kids.

5 Key takeaways from Quentin’s talk:

1.   Share cultural moments on social media, but reinterpret them through your own lens.

2.   People respond to imagery that appears hand-done on social media

3.   Creating short teaser films for social media = crucial. No one watches long-form on Instagram

4.   Do a lot of work for little to nothing in the beginning – particularly if it helps you make incredible contacts.

5.   Document your process – people are often more interested in that than the finished work itself.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of #mondaymentors ! I would love to know; what piece of Quentin’s work do you enjoy the most? Who has been inspiring you in the fashion industry lately? Be sure to let me know on Instagram @fashionoriginatorspodcast!

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