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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

My goals for 2019 (fashion career + more)

My goals for 2019 (fashion career + more)

Photo: living my best life in Botswana, one of the (unplanned) highlights of 2018.


It seems like yesterday that I was in a French dive bar with my sister, contemplating 2017 whilst sporting sequins, feathers and a massive glass of unpalatable red (despite being in France — who knew)? In that moment, I had no idea that 2018 was about to be one of the most unstable years of my life. If you’re curious about what I got up to, I did a recap of some incredible memories HERE.

Goal-setting wise, I haven’t perfected my method yet (but, I’m getting close). Last year, I made eight intentions. While I pursued all of them with great vigour, the unpredictability of 2018 made me pivot in some areas. While it’s important to set goals, I think it’s also important to adapt and do something different if need be (I booked a trip to Africa in 2018, so Japan wasn’t exactly doable that year). Overall, I did 10x more than I ever could have imagined. While I achieved my goals (and then some), I felt like I could have set more intentions to be completely honest. That being said, it’s important to write down things that get you excited. Positive things to ADD to your life rather than negative statements that demotivate you and make you feel not so great.

For 2019, I’ve divided my goals up into 7 areas: everyday life (routine habits / new values), physical health, mental development, mental health, relationships, career, travel. While it’s not all fashion-related, I actually think that’s important! After all, it’s easy to become all-consumed by your career and forget that, as much as you love fashion, cultivating your mental strength and cultural reference points are just as important for your fashion career as doing the work itself.

*I’m keeping relationships and travel goals to myself, but I hope you get inspired by my lists below!

Everyday life

1.   I only do paid work - As much as I love up-and-coming endeavours, I genuinely don’t have enough time for unpaid work (that doesn’t involve this blog directly).

2.   I talk to new / interesting people once per week - There are a few people at my day job who I want to get to know, and I’m going to actively meet these kinds of people at work and outside (I’ve joined a few awesome clubs too —which I can’t wait to talk about)!

3.   I dedicate 1 day per week for recharging my batteries, and one whole weekend per month to do the same - this is the most difficult of all the tasks written here. In 2018, I overfilled my schedule and pushed myself at the expense of my own health. For the latter half of 2018, doing this has completely changed me for the better.

4.   I do a drawing class once per week - I was great at this in the beginning half of 2018 ( and end), but I need to be more consistent with it. The impact that drawing has over my energy is next-level. Who knows, maybe I’ll become the next Jemima Sara?

Physical health

1.   I’m doing the Adidas City runs (Shoreditch, Fulham) - I did Clapham last year in 46 minutes with no training, so my goal is to do the other two runs: 43 minutes for the first, and 40 for the second. Similar to drawing, running does wonders for my energy!

2.   I’m getting my Equinox mat pilates certification - Alongside fashion, pilates is one of my other passions (which helped me overcome a nasty injury). I’d love to be at a point where I’m knowledgeable enough to teach other people about it (and I can’t think of anywhere better to learn than Equinox :D).

Mental development

1.   I’m taking an Oxford University short course (online) - philosophy is another interest of mine, and they have a ton that look really interesting! After I visited Oxford a month ago, I’ve been dying to do something through the university ever since.

2.   Take SuperHi UX design online course - I want to make the experience on this blog as seamless as possible, and taking everything I do to the next level is important to me.

3.   Meditate for 5 minutes every morning - wake up 5 minutes earlier. Done.

4.   Read 1 book on investing - because I’m passionate about business and curious to be more educated on the topic.

5.   Begin learning Italian - everyone at work speaks Italian and I want to know what they’re saying! Hahaha.


1.   Host my first Fashion Originators live podcast - I am in the beginnings of planning this for end of February early march!

2.   Go to a European fashion week - Milan, Copenhagen and Paris!

3.   Start my personal YouTube channel with videos 2 times per month - a more candid behind the scenes of Fashion Originators / my crazy life, and an insider view of what it’s really like to work in fashion technology

4.   Interview: Alexandre Arnaut, Lulu Kennedy, Camille Charriere, Jeanne Beker, Rami Atallah, Alex Eagle, Patrick McDowell, Responsible Model’s Trust, Hunza G founder, Quentin Jones, @lolitamas, founder of Gildan Activewear (yes, really)

5.   Be a guest on three other podcasts - I have found immense value through meeting other podcasters in 2018, and I want to keep doing this in 2019! You can check out the podcasts I’ve been on so far via the link in my Instagram bio.

That’s it for this week! I would LOVE to know - what are your goals for 2019? How do you set them? To inspire you, be sure to listen to the latest episode of Fashion Originators with the ICONIC Jemima Sara below: 

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