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#FashionOGnews: LV men's backlash, heat-up jackets, American Eagle streetwear?

#FashionOGnews: LV men's backlash, heat-up jackets, American Eagle streetwear?

Photo: The Parisian home of Louis Vuitton

On the latest edition of #fashionOG news I picked 4 stories (and a bonus) that I’ve been following this week — plus my opinions on each of them (I went IN — don’t worry). If you want to hear a more in-depth breakdown of each story, be sure to listen to the audio version of this post at the bottom of the page. (Audio will debut 2pm EST / 6pm GMT)

LV & Michael Jackson : Abloh’s Jackson-inspired collection partially pulled

Despite the rave reviews for Virgil’s latest LV Men’s collection, the inspiration behind it, Michael Jackson, is causing him some trouble. March 4th, the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ revealed that Wade Robson and James Safechuck had been abused by Michael Jackson for years when they were children. While the Jackson’s claim (unsurprisingly) that the whole documentary is a lie, this still puts Louis Vuitton in an awkward spot. Do they ignore the allegations, or do the scrap everything? Doing somewhat of a middle-response, LV ultimately decided to scrap all merchandise that directly references Michael Jackson.

While this may appear to be a case of incredibly bad timing on Abloh’s part, I don’t feel bad for him at all. It has been well-known for a long time that Jackson was up to questionable things. Whether or not certain allegations are ‘true’ we will never truly know (as he is dead), but nonetheless, Jackson is a figure who attracts controversy -- and that’s the gamble you play when using celebrities like Jackson to bolster your work.

New Yawn-inducing Gosha collection ‘GR-Uniforma’

After seemingly disappearing from the face of fashion relevance (and receiving disturbing allegations about trying to solicit nudes from a teenager), Gosha is debuting a new clothing project at Dover Street Market called ‘GR-Uniforma.’ Featuring a lot of denim (in collaboration with the now defunct Diesel), and an apocalyptic-inspired lookbook set in Georgia, it’s just another yawn-inducing Gosha collection that we will all forget soon enough.

American Eagle streetwear?

According to Glossy, American Eagle aims to crack the streetwear market through their denim range. Partnering with Las Vegas sneaker reseller ‘Urban Necessities’, they’re doing a year-long pop-up hawking their denim to hypebeasts. Viewing itself as a stellar companion to sneakers, American Eagle are using the partnership as a way to change brand perception in the heads of young customers.

While it kind of makes sense, (preppy American brand Tommy Hilfiger has managed to obtain a strong imprint in the streetwear community), Tommy Hilfiger works because it has that history with the likes of Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child -- which are so hot right now. In contrast, American Eagle doesn’t have that history, so establishing a rebrand will be a bit more challenging.

That being said, the right choice of pieces (denim jackets, simple hoodies with small crests on them), combined with the right influencers, could be a smart plan for the brand to future-proof itself.

Revolutionary Loomia 1 heat-up jacket debuts

The founder of Loomia, Madison Maxey, just debuted her heat-up jacket, Loomia 1 -- a heated wool jacket with a 2-hour battery. Thin, flexible and wire-free, this is the jacket we all need for freezing winters (I’m Canadian -- the struggle is real). For $550 it’s an expensive piece. Considering how many people invest in Canada Goose jackets, which are far more than that, it’s not a stretch to imagine someone buying a Loomia 1.

While some question how ‘e-textiles’ such as Loomia can go ‘mass-market’ I think it’s incredibly possible. I own heat-up gloves and heat-up ski boots. PLUS, Ralph Lauren even made a heated jacket for the 2018 Olympics, and apple just filed for numerous e-textile patents.

You heard it here first -- I predict that we will all be owning heated garments at all price ranges -- our winter survival depends on it.

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Bonus story:

Longchamp Paris store set on-fire during Yellow vest protests

Bulgari, Boss and Lacoste stores also smashed during the protests — interpret as you will.

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