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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

#MondayMentors - Jefferson Hack of Dazed Media

#MondayMentors - Jefferson Hack of Dazed Media

Photo: Dazed Instagram

#MondayMentors - Jefferson Hack, Dazed Media

I became inspired to write the latest #mondaymentors on Jefferson Hack thanks to the latest cover of Dazed (the magazine / media empire Hack founded).

On the cover? His daughter, Lila-Grace Moss Hack. Yes, he had a child with Kate Moss – how did I not know this till now?). Upon the cover’s debut, most people I know rolled their eyes at the blatant nepotism (which I totally understand –there are sooo many celebrity children modelling now). However, I think this was actually one of the rare cases where the nepotism was endearing. After all, who wouldn’t help their own child out in such a way if they had the capability? What do you guys think? You can join the discussion HERE on Instagram.  

After having these discussions with friends at length, I recalled having seen (but not spoken to) Jefferson Hack on two separate occasions (1. A shoot, 2. A legitimate meeting at Dazed, in their lobby). Despite these interactions, and having been a reader for years (I showed up in their office like a stalker ages ago trying to get an internship), I hadn’t really dug into his career history – until now. After all – I would love to build a fashion media empire where I can help my kids massively (if they want a career in the industry of course).

So, where does it all begin? In 1992, Hack and the photographer Rankin Waddel launched Dazed & Confused – while Hack was conveniently a student at the London College of Printing. Originally, Dazed was a black and white fanzine – the ‘alternative’ to mainstream publications and the likes of The Face and i-D. Because of his success, Hack then started AnOther magazine in 2001, and AnOther Man in 2005. Continuing on the expansion, Hack subsequently entered the digital space with DazedDigital, NOWNESS, and most recently Dazed White Label (creative agency that makes content for brands).

What I find interesting about Hack isn’t even his aesthetic per se. Rather, it’s his ability to continually expand and evolve the Dazed brand overtime – to know when certain niches of his market need to be tapped. In a world where Conde Nast is struggling, and sites likes Buzzfeed and Bustle are thriving, it’s reassuring to see a brand with artistic credo continue to thrive. Reflecting this future-driven mindset, Hack has described traditional print media as ‘over’ and that you must adapt to the new media or be a ‘dinosaur’ and die.


3 top lessons from Hack’s story …


1.   Be niche – Dazed was founded on being different, and self-distributed. How cool is that? Hack started the magazine intentionally as something different that was needed in the print publication space. What do you think needs to be different in fashion?

2.   Go deep on your niche – Although it may seem like Hack has expanded into 100 different things, he has developed such a strong brand identity that these different channels allow him to generate more revenue and buzz for the business.

3.   Partner with talented friends (like how Hack partnered with Rankin) – this is 100% a lesson that I’ve gained from researching most successful people in fashion. Build a network of people who not only have the skills you need to build what you want, but also be that person who can help them get what they want too.

That’s it this week! I would love to know? What do you think of the latest issue of Dazed & Confused? Are you a regular reader? Be sure to let me know your thoughts on Instagram HERE and see you this Thursday with a FRESH episode.

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