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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

3 things you need to learn for your fashion career (and life) #motivationmonday

3 things you need to learn for your fashion career (and life) #motivationmonday

3 things you need to learn for your fashion career (and life) #motivationmonday

I was on the plane to South Africa a couple months ago. At the time, I had experienced (the night prior) several HUGE life changes all at once. Whether it’s career (especially one in our industry), friendships or romance, it’s funny how everything happens at the same time. Throw travel into the mix, and it’s easy to feel disoriented.

Initially, the idea of travelling made me panic. I felt like my life had just been torn to shreds, and the last thing I wanted was to fly far away. Instead, I wanted to be in London, readjusting to my new routines. Thankfully, my travel was a blessing in disguise. If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, then you probably know that I have my best ideas on plane flights. Right before my Johannesburg flight, I had a feeling that my journal was the key to refocusing. I was right. 

3 hours into the 10.5 hour flight, I devised a formula that has provided me with a renewed sense of purpose recently; progress = happiness. If you feel like everything has been pulled out from under you, that is the opposite of progress and empowerment – that’s being flat on your butt. If you choose to continue learning, however, you’re turning a not-so-great mindset into one that allows you to grow (*insert eye roll here*).

To motivate myself, I wrote 10 things I want to learn (and the reasons I want to learn them). In sharing this with you, I hope to inspire you to create your own life. From my 10, I narrowed it down like this... 

1.     A second language – I love communicating, and I have massive respect for multi-lingual people. I am tired of travelling and feeling I only have mastery over one language. 

2.     Code (HTML, CSS) – Alongside French, learning the language of computers would be AMAZING. No longer will I have to pay a guy on Fiverr to make CSS adjustment to my site. 

3.     Video content – As much as I love audio, I think video would be an amazing means of promoting this podcast and reaching a wider audience. Besides -- who isn't looking for a video pro? 

4.     Excel – I don’t regularly use it enough, and would love to become a master of all the data in my life. SQL, Tableau etc -- just need to apply it regularly somehow. Suggestions? 

5.     Pilates – my newfound love that has allowed me to become stronger than ever (discovered thanks to an injury on a photoshoot). 

6.     DJ-ing – Because I wish I was as cool as Peggy Gou. Virgil Abloh, let's be friends? 

7.     Chess – because it’s classy -- that's enough of a reason. 

8.     Improv acting / comedy – I think this would really help with communicating via video (and with audio too). Just to allow me to loosen up.

9.     Driving standard – I can change a tire etc, but I still can’t drive standard.

10.  Film knowledge – I am tired of people referencing the Matrix and having no idea what they’re talking about (yes, I haven’t seen it. Sue me). Films are really influential over fashion too, and getting those references is crucial if I want to be the next Tim Blanks. 

From that list, I thought about which ones are most directly useful to my career / life, and also happen to not be mastered by too many people.

The BIG THREE for my fashion career (and life):

1.     French

2.     HTML / CSS

3.     Video

Being #1 on the list, I knew what I had to do – book a trip to France. As I write this, I am currently speaking 100% French in a homestay in the South of France. It’s terrifying, and I know there will always be room for improvement, but who knows? Maybe I'll gain a spot in Emmanuele Alt's squad. Watch this space. 

Thanks for reading!

I would love to know: what are your ‘big three’ things that will empower you in your fashion career and life? How will you incorporate them into your routine in a fun and easy way?

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