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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

The fashion creative’s guide: how to thrive at things you loathe. #motivationmonday

The fashion creative’s guide: how to thrive at things you loathe. #motivationmonday

Photo: a snippet of my 'Daily Review' journal (where I set my to-do's) 

The fashion creative’s guide: how to thrive at things you loathe. #motivationmonday

Despite achieving high grades in school, I’ve never deemed myself  ‘academic.’ Every time I did my homework, a little piece of my soul died as I pulled out my $100 calculator.

To make matters worse, academia appeared effortless to all those around me. My sister is a genius at most subjects, and my friends appeared to sail through math and science. When I’d arrive home from school, I’d guiltily read fashion books till midnight, then do my actual homework at 5am the next day.

Thankfully, however, I broke this barrier at the end of my university career. Once I started interning in the industry, I realized that everything I learned in my degree (even if it’s not directly related to my profession), was an important stepping stone towards my greater career goals. Through getting my hands dirty (alongside my coursework), it gave my coursework a renewed purpose. As a result, I performed better, actually enjoyed myself, and completed what I needed to complete.

However, my time in non-creative school was still hard. Through riding out the challenges, I learned 4 crucial lessons that I hope help you – whether you’re still in school, or slogging through something you don’t want to do (like tax returns, YAY)!

4-tips to thriving at things you loathe. #motivationmonday


1.   Don’t deny your fashion dream

For creatives (especially in fashion), I think its incredibly common to deny what you want – especially considering how ‘smart’ people careers (doctor, lawyer, banker etc) receive greater social applause. As great as these professions are, however, NOT everyone is meant to do them. If I became a brain surgeon, I'd be scared for the world -- and my patients. 

Overtime, I've learned that fighting my love for the industry is a losing battle – I will always go back to it. Instead of wasting energy on internal arguments, I might as well go for it. When you’re not fighting yourself on the daily, it’s a truly liberating experience. Your life becomes as (genuinely) effortless as everyone else’s seems to appear.


2.   Give everything a purpose  

Taxes? Necessary. Learning math? Necessary. Once I was taught (by my amazing careers adviser) to give these things a meaning relevant to my dream (starting a fashion business), I began to apply myself. While these tasks still frustrate me, an underlying purpose helps me get the job done. 


3.   Get a reality check  

Comparison is the thief of joy – I think I (and many self-help sorta bloggers) always say this. It’s cliché but it’s true. When I think someone’s life is perfect, there’s nothing better than having coffee with them and realizing they’re facing a lot of the challenges you face too. PLUS, they might even see YOU as perfect. Who would’ve thought?


4.   Give yourself indulgence time

Want to read a fashion history book till midnight? I learned that budgeting time for ‘inspiration’ has allowed me to not only become more intelligent, but it has also allowed me to relax and feel like I have some semblance of balance in my life.


That's it for this week! I would love to know: how do you deal with necessary tasks you loathe? Send me a message or comment on my Instagram, @fashionoriginatorspodcast -- nothing makes me happier than chatting with you guys! 

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