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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

Why your fashion industry rut is a good thing #motivationmonday

Why your fashion industry rut is a good thing #motivationmonday

Probably twice a year, I stumble into the phenomenon people call a ‘rut.’ For me, ruts feel like a high speed train to nowhere. Either you have no idea how to stop it, or ideas overwhelm you.

Lately, I’ve fallen into the latter camp. Industry-wise, my rut / mental block relates entirely to growing this podcast. While I’m excited to make it into something big, I can often feel overwhelmed with my schedule as is (balancing my day-job with interviews, social media, editing etc).

However, I know I'm not alone in this. In the ‘digital age’, it can appear like countless young people live in Bali, build YouTube channels with 1 million + subscribers and live flatmate-free by the age of 21 -- something most young professionals could only dream of. 

As tempting as toxic comparison is, however, I think that feeling stuck, then looking to others, can actually be a good thing. Instead of showing you that you're inadequate, these other people are reminding you that growing your knowledge and experience is possible.

While I've written about getting out of a creative rut HERE, ones that involve your direction / purpose are a little different. Unlike a creative rut, a directional one requires bigger changes than an evening reading i-D with funky tunes.

For my own personal use, I’ve devised a 6-step “get out of rut” formula. It has worked quite well for me in the past, and I’ll definitely be using it now:

1.   Get up earlier: You will literally have more time.

2.   Prioritize: Ask yourself – what’s important? What are your top tasks, and what stuff should you cut out to make room for the new?

3.   Learn something new: There is nothing more empowering than learning something new.

4.   Delegate: Similar to prioritizing, except you don’t have to give up everything. If you can afford it, what can you be paying someone else to do? Or, what can you get a friend / intern to do for you for free?

5.   Who are your friends?: I used to hang out with energy vampires for the longest time. Thankfully, this is no longer an issue.

6.   Get a mentor: While I don’t think this has to be a formal thing, I think, similar to #5, being around people you admire is crucial. How do they manage their time? If you want to be like them, consider taking up some of their habits (unless they are unhealthy or illegal of course. In that case, should you really admire them anyways)?

Through applying these principles, I’ve devised a plan to make this podcast grow without my insanity growing too! To hear more about it, be sure to check out my candid season finale episode below:

I would love to know, how do you get out of a ‘directional’ rut?

Share your thoughts with me over on Instagram @fashionoriginatorspodcast or in the comments below! 

5 ways to empower yourself in the fashion industry #motivationmonday

5 ways to empower yourself in the fashion industry #motivationmonday

#25 Season finale and exciting news!

#25 Season finale and exciting news!