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5 bloggers who have changed my fashion career #motivationmonday

5 bloggers who have changed my fashion career #motivationmonday

Similar to the saying ‘you are the 5 people you spend the most time with’, ‘you are the 5 blogs you enjoy most’ should also be a thing. Fashion-related or not, reading blogs (in addition to books), is a crucial part of being aware of oneself and the world. Below, I’ve listed 5 creators who, through their positivity, have completely changed my fashion career and life. 

1.   Alexander Heyne – The power of habits 

Why: His videos on journaling and goal-setting have taught me so much. I have been in a bit of a slump lately, and his content has really helped me gain a greater sense of purpose. He makes big goals seem totally doable.

Content: YouTube channel Modern Health Monk

2.   Jenn Im – Being young and a girl boss is 100% possible

Why: I’ve been watching her YouTube videos since her early days filming in her backyard. She’s the only fashion YouTuber (besides HauteleMode) who has created valuable fashion content from the beginning. Now, she’s super popular and successful, and even seeing her content – even if it’s not fashion-related per se, makes me really happy.

Content: YouTube channel Clothesencounters / Jenn Im

3.   Imran Amed – ‘You can come from anywhere and build an incredible life for yourself’

Why: He came from Calgary, Alberta (fellow Canadian), and went from being an outcast who snuck into shows to a revered industry figure. After being too stressed working at McKinsley to function, he started his own company through a combination of academic brains, passion and mindfulness.

Content: The Business of Fashion website & Podcast 

4.   Pepper Your Talk – ‘The best thing you can do is bring people together.’

I met Dior (the founder of Pepper Your Talk) at a slightly dodgy networking event (it’s a long story). Ever since, I’ve learned a ton from her positive vibes and industry know-how.

Content: The Pepper Your Talk website

5.   Diet Prada – Question things

Why: I think it’s very common for fashion industry people to say ‘that’s just how it is.’ What I love about these bloggers, however, is their shameless calling out of big industry figures when they do something that’s not ok. Because of Diet Prada, I’m reminded that some people in fashion are conscious and care for others and the plagiarism of their ideas.

Content: @diet_prada. PLEASE START A PODCAST !!

That's it for this week's #motivationmonday! I want to know: who are you reading lately? Send me a DM @fashionoriginatorspodcast , and I will definetly give them (and you) a follow! 

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Why learning through observing is underrated #motivationmonday

Why learning through observing is underrated #motivationmonday