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Accepting (and loving) things you can't control #motivationmonday

Accepting (and loving) things you can't control #motivationmonday

Photo: First day of my first year at my UK university (I'm Canadian). Safe to say, I had no idea what was coming. 

Lately, I’ve gained a strange affinity for Carrie Underwood songs. While I appreciate her most popular track, 'Before he Cheats,' I think 'Jesus take the wheel' is incredibly underrated.

I may not drive (or believe in Jesus), but I do believe in the track’s greater point. Beyond the scope of a lovelorn country song, every aspect of life requires an element of faith.

As someone who has overachieved since childhood, I always thought I could control everything. If I just ‘worked hard enough,’ I could win that debate tournament. If I just ‘worked hard enough,’ I could be friends with that person or get that specific job. 

The problem?

While most of my accomplishments have come down to hard work and vision, I couldn’t have anticipated any of the best ones. 

Meeting my best friend Morgan:

I was switched into a different math class.

Moving to Scotland:

A distant friend suggested I apply to school in the UK. Now, I am in love with a country 12-year-old me deemed ‘dirty and miserable.’

My internship at LOVE magazine (which gave me my ‘break’ into the London fashion scene):

I randomly found a single copy of LOVE at WH Smith. Before that point, I had never heard of the magazine. A week later, I LinkedIn messaged one of their fashion assistants at 11pm while writing an essay. While interning, the editor confessed he only replied to me because he ‘didn’t understand LinkedIn.’  

After hearing a couple of my stories, I’m sure you can think of your own too. How did you meet that one amazing boyfriend? How did you get your first job?

When you expect one outcome, but end up getting another, it can suck initially. In most of the stories above, I had become attached to alternative narratives. When I met my best friend, I missed the friends in my other class. When I moved to Scotland, I was DYING to live in America. When I got my internship at LOVE magazine, I wanted to work at Business of Fashion.

In situations where you don't obtain your desire, it’s easy to fall prey to thinking ‘there’s something wrong with me’ (rather than the narrative itself). Over time, however, I have learned that the universe (AKA my ambiguous version of Jesus), often takes the wheel, (*insert eye roll here*), steering situations down paths I never knew existed. 

While I endorse focused goals and working your ass off, I equally endorse the principle Jack Canfield deems ‘this or something better.’ When devising a goal, Canfield writes ‘this or something better’ on the end of each affirmative statement. In doing this, he recognizes the dynamic nature of the world – the element of ‘jesus taking the wheel.’ As things constantly move and change in the lives of others, it’s only natural they shift in ours. In recognizing the fluidity and connectedness of the world, we allow ourselves to lead far more exciting lives. 

If you have a story about a bad situation that became amazing, be sure to share with me in the comments or on social media @fashionoriginatorspodcast. I find these stories incredibly beautiful, and I love hearing from you all. 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this week's #motivationmonday. See you Friday! 




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