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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

How YOU can get famous people to talk to you #motivationmonday

How YOU can get famous people to talk to you #motivationmonday

Hello #fashionoriginators and happy Monday! 

For this week's motivational content, I wanted to answer a question I receive incredibly often:

"How do you get famous people (and your industry idols) to talk to you?" 

As you can probably gather, I'm not exactly famous myself (yet), nor do I have the largest black book of fashion industry connections in London (I'm working on it -- ok)? Additionally, when you start something like a podcast, and have no episodes out yet, bringing well-known guests onboard can be a challenge. Through trial and error, however, I've come to a few useful conclusions that I hope will empower you -- whether you want career advice, interviews or even a job -- with someone you really respect in your field. 

10 TIPS!

1. Go to events

I made this point #1 for a reason. It's easy for someone to ignore your email, but it's a little more difficult for someone to ignore an individual they've actually met. Research industry talks etc whenever you're in a big city (Eventbrite is great for this). If you live in a big city -- even better. At the end, there will at minimum a question period. Come with intelligent questions prepared, and approach the person at the end in a calm yet curious way. Be sure to ask for their details right then and there, and contact them the next day. 

Besides just approaching them, it's also important to remember one thing -- forgive yourself. I have made an awkward idiot of myself in front of people I really admire a few times. That being said, we are all human, and the more often you do this the easier it will become. Work on hushing that mean inner voice -- we can't all be masters at chatting people up immediately. 

2. It's a numbers game

If I told you that every single person I emailed about coming on this podcast has said yes, I would be lying 100%. While I've been able to secure a pretty high success rate (thanks to #8), just keep reaching out to people and being positive in your own head. If I took all the non-replies I received personally, I would've given up ages ago. Even if someone replies and says no, that is progress!!! You are getting a reply!!

3. Ask your friends

My first fear when I started this podcast was: 'how am I going to find guests?' As the first step, I did the easiest thing one could do --I  posted a Facebook status. Surprisingly, even some Facebook friends I barely knew were willing to put me in touch with some of my favourite guests.

Once you get in contact with well-known people in the industry, don't be afraid to ask them who among their friends might be interested in speaking with you too!  

4. Pick a niche interest, be confident in your style

Because I read a lot (sign up to my newsletter to get the low-down on books that have changed my life), and because I blog, I've been able to really narrow down my personal aesthetic and interests. Most people call this 'personal branding', but to me that sounds incredibly not-fun. Instead, I prefer to think of it as 'self discovery' and 'knowing what you like.' 

If you do this, people will remember you -- I promise. As well, you will be more confident when pitching yourself to scary fashion people. 

5. Have a target list

Instead of contacting every famous person you can think of in your field (I was guilty of this at first), it helps to have a target. Not only does this make your search more focused, but it also allows you to go deeper. 

i.e: research 'original fashion entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in the London area' 

instead of 

'fashion business people' 

6.  info@ or press@ emails are a waste of time

No one reads them. Ever. 

7. Have a professional-looking email & signature

Personally, I'm more likely to reply to an email that's instead of G-Suite is worth it. Also include your logo in your signature. 

8. If an email template works, keep using it! 

After successfully contacting the founder of Lululemon, I created a separate email template based on that email I sent. If you create a separate template, it insures that you don't include old names / details in an email to someone else -- that would be bad haha. Keep it short and sweet! Explain who you are, what you want from them, and what they could gain from working with you. 

9. Don't spend more than £50 on an event ticket

It's better to go to a ton of free or £10 events than blow all your cash on expensive ones. Sometimes, an event might be a dissapointment network-wise, so its important to pace yourself. 

10. Try different contact methods

For a few of my guests, I've had to DM on Instagram to get a response (because they aren't the greatest at email). I don't advocate full-on stalking, but sometimes an Instagram comment or DM will remind them that you do exist. 

That's it for this week! I hope you all found my advice useful, and that it helps you get in touch with someone you admire this week. Comment if you'd like me to share my successful emails template, and see you Friday! 





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