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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

10 reasons to START that podcast already.. #motivationmonday

10 reasons to START that podcast already.. #motivationmonday

Photo: Friend of the show, Chloe Marlow, of episode #5. 


Before most of my interviews, guests always want to know...


“Why did you start a podcast?”


While I usually give the ‘creating content that helps people’ explanation, podcasting has other benefits I never expected. This week, I’m sharing the 10 ways it has made me more intelligent, a better speaker and a better friend. In writing this article, I hope that at least one of you decides to stop procrastinating and to START already. 

1.     You can learn to ask better questions

There’s a Tony Robbins quote in which he says something along the lines of  'the quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of your life.' While I think he's primarily referring to negative self-talk, I think this can also be applied to interactions you have with others. When I go into conversations with a genuine interest in knowing someone deeply, I have found it highly beneficial to my own levels of knowledge and creativity. The more questions you ask others, the better you become at creating them. Talk less about yourself, listen more, get specific. 

2.     You can become more aware of the way you speak

Although it's a bit cringe-worthy to listen back to conversations you have with other people, it's actually great in the long-run. Sometimes, we often say 'um' 'like' and 'so' (the latter being my guilty transition word), a little too often. As well, it's pretty common for podcast hosts to talk too much about themselves. In listening to your episodes, you become more conscious not only during episodes, but also during your day-to-day. 

3.     You can become more of a natural speaker

In my early episodes, I would adhere quite closely to pre-planned questions out of nervousness. In time, however, I've become more skilled at building conversations naturally whilst sticking to my planned framework. 

4.     You can apply new technology skills

I confess, learning how to use audio equipment has been a bit of a learning curve. Additionally, podcasting requires far more than just a recording device (websites, Google Analytics, social profiles). In putting all these elements together, you can actually put new digital skills (that don't relate to your day job) into ongoing practice. 

5.     You can share your intelligence and personality

As much as I loved fashion blogging ( if you want a good laugh), podcasting forces you to use your brain, and for your brain to be the main focus. On my conventional blog, I felt like it was more about looking cute than conveying intelligence. Through podcasting, it's easier to share your intelligence and easy-going personality. Rather than showing flawless images taken weeks ago, podcasting allows you to engage with listeners more intimately. 

6.     You can make epic new friends

Chloe Marlow (episode 5 guest) and I just had ear piercings done together. If that's not friendship, what is? 

7.     You can learn from your industry idols  

Guest-wise, I most commonly meet people at fashion parties. Although I enjoy chatting with fashion entrepreneurs at events, recording a podcast has forced me to research and learn from people beyond party small-talk. 

As well, this show has given me a great excuse to reach out to my industry idols. Regardless of how the chat goes, they'll definitely know and remember you haha. 

8.  You can change a stranger's life

Ever since the debut of this podcast, I have received an incredible number of kind DMs from my listeners. Every week, I stay motivated to post because of this feedback! Trust me, there's nothing more rewarding than having fun and helping people simultaneously. 

9. You can sharpen your ideas

The more people I speak to, the clearer my entrepreneurial ideas become. Even if you don't start a podcast, just reach out to your idols and record those conversations (with consent -- obviously). 

10. You can create something

Simple concept, but the satisfaction of having an idea and making it real only adds to your self-trust / confidence. Just do it!

That's it for today's post! I want to know from you: what podcast do you want to start? Would you ever start a podcast? Dream guests? What's holding you back? 

I would love to know on social media: @fashionoriginatorspodcast

See you Friday! 

In the meantime, check out last week's episode below... 


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