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Welcome to Fashion Originators, a podcast hosted by me, Stephanie Irwin. Every other week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs. Each episode, THEY share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.

6 inspiring fashion podcasts to kickstart your week #motivationmonday

6 inspiring fashion podcasts to kickstart your week #motivationmonday

Hello Originators and happy #motivationmonday ! This week, I wanted to share 5 fashion podcasts that inspire me. Although I have learned a lot from recording my own show, I also love to have a diet of other fashion podcasts. In subscribing to the people below, I've been able to increase my industry knowledge and motivation levels (to continue providing YOU with the best, of course). After all, why not make your tube commute that little bit more productive? 

1. The Business of Fashion Podcast

In addition to being on my mandatory "fashion business" daily reading list, BoF have recently invaded my podcasts collection. Featuring interviews with famous industry figures in intellectual conversation, it's great if you can't afford BoF professional nor have the time to read online content. 

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3. Fashion in Conversation with Kinvara Balfour

Hosted at the Apple Store on Regent Street, Kinvara Balfour interviews industry icons ranging from Alexandra Shulman to Christopher Kane. Similar to the BoF podcast, but even more awesome (because its set in the Apple store -- which is random yet oh-so-relevant). 

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4. Fashion Revolution

I love this podcast because it's all about 'the hidden stories behind the clothing we wear.' As young people, I think it's crucial for us all to become more aware about manufacturing and the story behind what we wear. In listening to this podcast, I've not only come to value what I own more, but I've also redirected my own podcast topics towards sustainability as a result. 

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5. Unravel A Fashion Podcast

If you love fashion history (but can't afford the Colin McDowell course on BoF) be sure to give this podcast a listen. Considering how often fashion designers reference history in their work, I believe that having a solid fashion history knowledge-base has allowed me to give better interviews with Fashion Originators guests.


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6. Fashion Originators

Saving the best for last. If you're on my website, you've probably listened to my show already. If not, you really should. Every week, I interview game-changing fashion entrepreneurs at all ages and stages about their founding story and industry niche. In doing so, I hope to inspire you to pursue your business dreams! 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you're excited to take on the week! Are there any other fashion podcasts you recommend? Be sure to leave a comment or reach out on social media:

See you Friday! 


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